The annual raft race day planned for the first day in the new Year will be organised very soon! I wish it to be the Best day possible, better than last year. That was fantastic!!!

This is a Tall order
the committee have redefined the rules and decided all rafts need to be registered .

Knowing the name of the raft will make it easier to present a certificate to the winners of the race as well as the trophy’s

Make your Raft from what you like
No… motors.
No ..underwater propulsion

Rowing or only hand paddles
Lifejackets for all on the raft
Must have at least one child under 12 years.
Must have at least one female.
Must have at least one Flag.

Fancy dress is up to you – Recommended but not required
as is bunting on the raft

Order of the day is to have fun , fun, and more fun

To Register email bigcrock@yahoo
with your Name and please the name of your Raft

Thank you all Roy Davis Chairman WRRA

Artwork by Roy 🙂