The usual delicious BBQ food was available at this year’s events….with many more people attending than in 2020. At least, we assume there were many more because, again, we catered for 200 – but this year ran out of burgers and sausages completely! Sorry we had to disappoint those asking for “seconds” – but some folk didn’t even have “firsts……..” It’s a good job we were able to provide plenty of fun and enjoyment to make up for it.

A summary of the events and winners has already been circulated to the WRRA database but, in case you missed out, you can download a copy here.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for details of our next events:

  1. Not to be missed….the WRRA AGM on Saturday 3 April 2021 at 10.00am in St Alban’s Church
  2. The “Whakapirau Catch” Fishing Contest taking place over two days (3 & 4 April)
  3. Sandcastle / Sand Sculpture Competition on Saturday 3 April
  4. Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday 4 April
  5. Presentation of Fishing Contest Trophies and Certificates on Sunday 4 April after the final weigh-in.

Hate to mention this – but all these events will be subject to remaining at COVID Level 1………

Keep well and stay safe!